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Pictures made in May 2002 at the Jewish Cemetery in Timisoara, Romania

Thank You Notice of Acknowledgement

My dear mother (who is the last surviving Guttmann) and I (Kalman) are enormously indebted to Eliezer Segal (left), Professor of Jewish Studies at University of Calgary, Canada, and his wife Agnes (who is the archivist of the Calgary Jewish Historical Society) for their time and efforts in helping with the "decipherment" of the Hebrew writing of the gravestone of my Guttmann grandfather below. Their help is a true blessing.

Agnes's parents, Iréne and Pál Römer, are Holocaust survivors, and interesting enough her mother Iréne is also a Guttmann and a possible relative to my mother!

I am enormously happy that with the help from Professor Segal, we have a translation of the Guttmann's gravestone for both sides of the stone.


 To see the pictures of a particular gravestone click on the corresponding camera icon.

To see a particular English translation click on the corresponding like icon.


1. My grandfather on my mother's side:

B e n d i t   E l i m e l e c h   G u t t m a n n  [ 1 8 8 0 - 1 9 4 6 ]

Born in Nyíregyháza, Hungary, and

buried at the Jewish Cemetery in Timisoara, Romania.


This gravestone contains only Hebrew words and there is writing on both sides of the stone. This is the first time that this stone was ever translated into English and our thanks go to Professor Segal for doing that translation which is considerably enhanced with the introduction of the corresponding biblical references.


2. My grandfather on my father's side:

B r ü d e r   K á l m á n   [ 1 8 8 2 - 1 9 2 9 ]

buried at the Jewish Cemetery in Timisoara, Romania.

To see some pictures with my grandfather's gravestone, please click in here on the left camera icon.  




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